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WordPress and Joomla Maintenance service in Mumbai

Importance of Maintaining a CMS website

CMS makes it easy to update a website. Even a none technical person can update a CMS based website.

They have the vulnerability, their community keeps proving new updates to fix them. Apart from this, they have various third party plugins which are vulnerable too. They get updates from there respective developers.

So these CMS keep getting new updates every day. Website owner cant update them each day, they don’t have time for this.

You can automate the update process, but there is a problem in that. All updates are not perfect and they can break your website. So you need a technical person who knows how to update site and solve the problem if the update goes wrong.

This is where we come in to picture and we perform updates on your site. And we solve the problem arising from the improper updates.

How we update your website

The frequency of your core and plugin update depends on the kind of Website maintenance plan you have purchased.

This is how we perform updates:

  • As your website comes to us for maintenance, we create a list of the plugin in your site.
  • After that, we keep eye on the CMS updates and plugin updates based on the list.
  • If core updates us available, we will make the backup of the website and the do the update.
  • We follow the same above step for the plugin update as well.