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Small website maintenance plan Rs. 8000 or $ 160

Website CMS Update:

Latest CMS implemented in 24hr

  • We keep a constant eye on the update cycle of WordPress and Joomla CMS.
  • We update your website as soon as the new release is available

Update Plugin:

We will update your plugin every week

  • We update Plugin once in a week
  • Backup is made before each update
  • If there are any paid plugin on your site, then you need to provide those plugin
  • You need to inform us if you want us to update any plugin before time

Website Security:

We follow strict rules to make website safe

  • You have to host your website with us to give you complete assurance of Safety
  • If it is no hosted with us, and you have purchased hosting with your developer then we cannot give you a guarantee of safety. As we don’t have control over the hosting provided by your developer
  • we will remove any plugin which is not supported or which are blacklisted or has any security issue in them
  • Setting up a Firewall on your website to protract it
  • Installing an antivirus plugin
  • Run a weekly scan on site

Site Backup:

4 backup in a month

  • Will make one backup of the website in a week before updating the plugin
  • Apart from this will make backup before updating CMS core (those backup depend on availability of CMS update)

Website Restore:

Restore of website from the latest backup within 24hr of problem
Since noting is completely secure in this world, we keep you prepared for the worst. so we offer a website restore from the latest backup. We can restore your website within 24hr of problem occurrence.

Extra edit:

We charge extra work at Rs. 1200 or $18 / hr, for this plan

It is always possible that you may have some extra work coming up sometime even after the regular edit of the month, in that case, you can buy extra labor hour from us. in this basic pack, we charge at Rs. 1200/hr or $18/hr.

Free Website hosting

We provide Free website hosting with this website maintenance plan*
We don’t provide Free website hosting to all the website under website maintenance plan, but if your site is less then 100MB and the number of visits to your site is 100 per day then will provide free hosting