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Secure your website through our website maintenance service in mumbai

As soon as a website goes live it is under attack by hackers.

Hackers like to attack website based on CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

Hackers will get into your website even if your website has a small security issue.

it is quite possible they may be already inside your website and you don’t even know about it.

Most of the website developer don’t know about this, as they make a site using the ready-made template.

These designers get the job done but leaves various security problem behind.

In this case, you need a full-time security person for your website, this is where we help you.

Once you contact us for Website maintenance service this is what we do:

Will review your hosting company and your hosting plan

In most of the cases, people buy hosting plan from there web designer, who are running multiple websites in one shared hosting account.

Because of this, the designer gives hosting plan at a lower price to you, but it is highly risky.

Because even if one account under that hosting get hacked all the website get hacked.

so we don’t offer security assurance if you don’t change your hosting plan.

If you have purchased hosting from a reputed company and you are not running multiple then its ok.

CMS (WordPress or Joomla) Review

We will check your CMS version, to check if you are running the latest version of the CMS or not.

Having latest CMS version is very important if you don’t have it then you will have various security problems.

So we run a website audit to make sure you have latest CMS before we take up maintenance work.

if you have very outdated CMS then you will have to get it updated to latest version, then only we can take up your site.

It is very difficult and time-consuming job for anyone to update a very old CMS. that’s why we ask the client to update old CMS.

We can also update your old CMS but that will be done as a separate service CMS update service this is one-time service and you have to buy this only if you have very old CMS.

After updating CMS you can buy our website maintenance service and after that, it will be our responsibility to keep your CMS updated.

Server setting

Once we get your website maintenance work will configure your server setting to maximize security.

This is the reason we like to have the hosting with us so that we have the complete control of the environment

Security plugin

Will install many securtiy plugin to ensure your website is secured.

This includes installing Firewall or antivirus plugin.

Frequent security scan

We run a frequent scan on your website to make sure there is no infection in the site.

The frequency of this scans depends on the type of maintenance package your have taken.

Manual Scan

Will run a manual scan on your site on regular basis to find traces of infection.

Along with that will keep a watch on the plugin installed on your site, so that if there is any sort of security news related to those plugin we can fix them fast.

if you want you can buy Website Security Service alone, contact us for the pricing of it, as the pricing will depend on your website CMS and type of plugin you have