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How to save my website from hackers ?

How can I secure my website from hackers?

Hackers attack all the website that goes live. They do this even to a website which doesn’t have any important thing in it. Most of this attack is not to deface your site or steal your data but for other reasons like:

  • Running email spam from your server
  • Running botnet
  • Using your server to mine Bitcoins
  • Infect your visitor’s browsers
  • Hosting illegal files
  • Running porn sites
  • Diverting traffic. etc….

Here are the few points that you can follow to keep your site safe:

  1. Keep your website software uptodate

    It may sound obvious to you but most of the people don’t do this. They just make the site and leave it like that. They never update CMS or the Plugin in the CMS, until and unless website stops working.

    It is not possible for the common person to keep an update of all the updates and security release. Because They have a business to run if they will spend this much time on updating plugin then who will run there business.

    So they should take some website maintenance service which will at least make there site secure