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Importance of Website maintenance service

What people think about the maintenance service

Website maintenance means paying for Doman renewal and hosting on the yearly basis. This what they think, when thinking about website maintenance. But it is not at all true. There are many things that come in maintenance and are needed to keep the website healthy.

so maintenance of plain HTML site involves the addition of new content in them as it is the most time-consuming job in this sites.

So you may ask, what is website maintenance ?

This are the things that comes in website maintenance service?

There are two types of the website these days, one is plain HTML website and another is CMS based website like WordPress or Joomla based website. Website maintenance is different for them.

Importance of maintenance service for plain HTML site

In a plain HTML site, there is not much executable code and there is no need for the CMS or plugin updates. But plain HTML site is difficult to update and a common person can add content in them. It requires knowledge of HTML and CSS to add content in them, which is difficult for a nontechnical person.

So while selecting a maintenance for a plain HTML site you should look for the number of content updates per month in the maintenance plan.

Importance of maintenance service for CMS website

For CMS based websites like WordPress or Joomla, content update is easy, even a nontechnical person can do that easily. But since this website has lots of executable code and as well as lots of plugins, they create a security issue for the website if not maintained properly.

So for this kind of website, you will like to concentrate on the frequency of Update that will be done, and frequency of backup and restore service, and is security part of the maintenance plan or not.

Why you need a specialist to maintain your website

In Mumbai, most of the people get their website made from there relatives or some friend or freelancer. And they generally have little knowledge of making a website. And they complete the site using a ready-made template and thereafter they leave the site like that on hosting and show up only to collect maintenance fees.

This Freelance developer will never update your CMS or plugin on time to time and nither take regular backup of your site, as a result, your site has many security holes and most of the time they are hacked and used by the hackers to run email spam and other illegal activities. When you come to know about this your developer charges you more money to fix this issue and the solution they implement is, they will restore the old website.