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Frequent website backup

Backups are your website insurance

Nothing is 100% secure in this world. So you need to take precaution all the time, and backup is the precaution in the case of the website.

Once you have a backup you don’t have to worry, but you cant make a backup all the time.

We analyze your site and suggest a backup frequency. This depends on the content update, CMS, and plugins on our site.

So you can buy a plan with proper backup frequency or you can increase it in your basic plan as well.

We offer 2 types of backup service, generally what we give along with our plan are Full site backup service. This is the 2 type of backup services:

  1. Full website backup:

    In this service, we backup your whole file and the Database this is the most secure kind of backup and this is generally done when updating CMS core or plugin

  2. Database backup:

    This is only the backup of your database. You can recover data with this backup, but cant recover design and functionality. we recommend this kind of backup where you update content quite frequently, but your plugin doesn’t need regular update

if you want you can buy Website backup service alone as well, contact us for the pricing of it, as the pricing will depend on your website size and frequency of backup

bacup are your website insurance