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CoursePress 2 Update issue from CpursePress 1

Recently a website owner came to us with a problem in one of the plugins used by them.

They were running the CourcePress plugin on WordPress to provide free courses.

And recently they updated the CoursePress to 2.1.1 and now the plugin has stopped working.

Before updating to CoursePress 2 from CoursePress 1 take the website back up and then perform the update by clicking here.

And once they click the update button it will show them Courses on their site and then it shows message problem in updating.

We searched for there problem on the Plugin developer site, they had some solution mentioned which require using some new file, but they only provide those files to pro user of the plugin.

So we did some more test and find the solution for the problem, it was a simple solution.

Our client was running the old version CoursePress 1 and they did not update the plugin on the Regular basis this caused the problem.

Because they did not update the plugin regularly they were now trying to update from version 1 to version 2.1.1 directly.

Solution for CourcePress 2 update

Solution was simple we deleted the files of the plugin and uploaded the version 2.0.1 and then ran the update and it went smooth and after that, we updated from 2.0.1 to 2.1.1 easily