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Best Website maintenance service in India

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At Website maintenance service we try to offer best website maintenance service at a lowest affordable price Contact us by filling the above form Our website maitenacen service plans are given below

update my website ? Common search of all small website owners

Do you know someone who can update my website? This is one of the most common question asked by the small website owner. They find it difficult to update the content on the site and updating plugin is mostly never done on their site. They are some of the questions that are asked by small […]

What is website maintenance service ?

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Website maintenance defination Website maintenance means keeping your website updated, functional and secured. Update in terms of latest content and the latest software. Functional means the functionality of the website should not break because of the update or by hackers. Secured means it should not get hacked easily. website maintenance services list include: CMS update […]

How to save my website from hackers ?

How can I secure my website from hackers? Hackers attack all the website that goes live. They do this even to a website which doesn’t have any important thing in it. Most of this attack is not to deface your site or steal your data but for other reasons like: Running email spam from your […]

Our monthly website maintenance plans

Check out our monthly website maintenance plans We have got a range of maintenance plan which client can pay on the monthly basis as well. This monthly plan is good if you want to try out our service at the initial level. Once you are satisfied your can fay on the yearly basis.

Annual maintenance charges for website in India

Website maintenance charges in India This is one of the very common questions when people want a website, how much does it cost to maintain a website in India ? if you have this kind of dought then it will be cleared by reading this post. Generally, in India, most of the small business get […]

Importance of Website maintenance service

What people think about the maintenance service Website maintenance means paying for Doman renewal and hosting on the yearly basis. This what they think, when thinking about website maintenance. But it is not at all true. There are many things that come in maintenance and are needed to keep the website healthy. so maintenance of plain […]

CoursePress 2 Update issue from CpursePress 1

Recently a website owner came to us with a problem in one of the plugins used by them. They were running the CourcePress plugin on WordPress to provide free courses. And recently they updated the CoursePress to 2.1.1 and now the plugin has stopped working. Before updating to CoursePress 2 from CoursePress 1 take the […]