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Annual maintenance charges for website in India

Website maintenance charges in India

This is one of the very common questions when people want a website, how much does it cost to maintain a website in India ? if you have this kind of dought then it will be cleared by reading this post.

Generally, in India, most of the small business get their website made from some friend or freelancer. Once the site is done it is left over without any content update or CMS update.

So for this small business website, maintenance means paying annual domain renewal around Rs. 700 and hosting renewal around Rs. 3000.

Because of this small fess, the developer never updates the CMS of the client and nither help them in website content update. And this developer is generally parttime so they don’t even have time to update the site.

So the website owner needs to understand that they need a full-time website maintenance service provider to maintain the website.

This is where we can be helpful we offer a plan for small website maintenance for Rs. 6000/- this provides hosting and other services as well. so by paying 2000/year extra you have completely updated and secured site.

Improvement that a website maintenance service can do

This is few of the improvement that will be done by the Website maintenance service:

  • Improved security
  • Fresh content
  • Improved SEO
  • Improved speed
  • Back and restore service
  • Free consulting for implementing your idea
  • link monitoring

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You can buy this as monthly website maintenance plans and pay for them on monthly basis as well. Which means the cost of our basic website maintenance cost per month plan is around Rs. 500/month only. And you can choose from three different monthly website maintenance plans as well or you can make your custom AMC plan.